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Mozilla Hispano projects for this quarter

mozilla hispano

Puedes leer la versión en español de este artículo.

2011 was an amazing year for Mozilla Hispano and in 2012 is going to be more awesome than ever 😉

Currently we are working in several projects that are very important for mozilla and the Spanish community.

«Delight-ment» project

The Mozilla Hispano engagement team is developing a project to gather all information about our brands in Spanish, mozilla, firefox thunderbird, firefox mobile… to understand how people is seeing us and then create campaigns to spread our message better and  improve communication with media and users.

The ultimate goals of this project are to increase and improve communication about Mozilla and its products and, as a consequence, to get a better brand image.

You can get a full description, slides and also a great video in English (script) about all this.


As part of «Delight-ment» project we are developing a web tool to gather all information from media, where contributors will be able to record reports about what’s being published about our brands and have a great overview about them, something similar to mozilla input but for media instead of users. You can take a peek view to the code at our repository. We’ll publish more information really soon 😉

More information at project page (es):


This is a very interesting project inside Mozilla’s mission scope. We want to work together with educational institutions to teach people about important aspects about Internet. We want to educate next generations about privacy, security, choice and how the Internet should be open and accessible for everyone, something that is not currently being taught to students.

Main goals:

  • Create a list of topics with educators, adapted for each age range.
  • Offer offline and online lessons (using an e-learning platform)
  • Teach about net privacy, security and user control.
  • Explain what the Open Web is and why it’s important for the future of the Internet.

More information at project page (es).

Labs and user support

These two areas are going to be very important this year, we have new people in charge of them with a lot of ideas for the Spanish community. New projects, get more contributors and improve the users interaction with the support forums are key parts for this to happen.

100k campaign

We have recently reach 100k followers on our Facebook page (that’s way over 9000!) and we are creating a big campaign to celebrate this milestone. Our users are going to be a key part of this campaign on the social networks. More details soon 😉

Brand and site redesign

Many voices, one Mozilla. As contributors to the mozilla project we want to improve our community brand and website design to reflect this and for that reason we have slightly improve our community brand images and how we communicate them. We are also working hard to completely redesign our site to get a more «mozilla style». We are following closely the mozilla.org redesign to be on the same page.

More information at project page (es).

I plan to blog about all these projects during this year and keep you all updated.

Go Mozilla Hispano!


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