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Community goals for Q4

Yesterday we held two Mozilla Hispano monthly meetings, one for core contributors and one for all contributors. The most important topic was the community goals for fourth quarter and how to align with global goals.

One of the important things when moving a mozilla community forwards is keep in mind how to apply global goals locally.

Next three months we should focus on Firefox desktop/mobile, Firefox OS (webapps), Identity (Mozilla Persona) and external communications.

Firefox Desktop

We have to continue our work with Firefox for desktop as we’ve been doing. Marketing campaigns such as the Tiger Team (contact Chelsea Novak or Gen Kanai for more info) are going to be really helpful to mobilize contributors but we also should take care of Firefox brand. More and more ofter we are seeing how press and blogs talk about Firefox, and in some cases information is not as accurate as it should be or the Firefox brand is not as respected and loved as it was before.

We have to identify these issues and create a plan to fix them (we hope our long-awaited Delight-ment project can help with this in the future), we have to show the world how important Firefox for desktop is, and all the innovation and improvements we are releasing to the web.

Next items about Firefox for Android and Firefox OS can also be a good way to bring users back to love Firefox desktop.

Firefox for Android

The last Firefox version was a game-changer on Android. Now we have a real efficient, fast, powerful and expandable browser on mobile. Keeping in mind that soon we will have ARMv6 support, we’ll see millions of users being able to install their favourite browser on their devices. This is specially important in regions like LATAM where most android devices are armv6.

Also there is an on-going marketing campaign (Firefox for Android Community Campaign Challenge) to fund and support community ideas (contact Gen Kanai for more info).

Having more and more people being able to install Firefox on their devices means that more and more people will have soon webapps support, which is a perfect warm-up activity for showing them how great this webapps are and how easy to develop and powerful they can be.

Firefox OS

Last point about webapps is also important for Firefox OS since webapps are going to be the same everywhere and people will be able to easier understand the «The web is the platform» slogan.

We need to talk about Firefox OS in more events, and plan to be present in more places. Getting more developers creating webapps should be one of our goals before next year, since Firefox OS won’t be on the market till Q2 2013 and in the meanwhile we will have Firefox Desktop and mobile supporting webapps.

Support and documentation teams should be ready too. Creating a new subforum for Firefox OS user support and localize MDN docs about it it’s also a priority. Speaking about localization, soon we’ll have string freeze for Firefox OS, so l10n teams should be ready and working on this during these months.

Mozilla Persona

Last week Mozilla Persona hit beta 1, so now we are ready to spread the word about how to implement this authentication protocol and how easy, secure and good for privacy is for users.

For developers there are a lot of articles at MDN that need to be localized, and maybe it’s worth to create some video tutorials in different languages on how to quick support this protocol on your site.

For users we have to speak about it everywhere (online and offline). We have to show users that it’s something super easy to use but also point the differences with other authentication protocols in terms of security and, of course, privacy. Creating videos will be useful too and also encourage mozilla contributors to write on their blogs about it and why they think it’s important for the web.

External communication

We need to reach to external organizations outside mozilla and show all the projects we are working on. There are a lot of projects (mostly open source ones) which don’t know about all our initiatives like open badges, mozilla persona… and that would find them useful for their needs. Also promote success cases. (PersonaID login on Wikipedia?)

Working globally to act locally is, from my point of view, a key for community success, but we don’t have to forget also about local ideas that can be shared globally. Acting both ways and having people acting as bridges between people is the way to go.