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Mozilla Hispano turns 5!

Last weekend, Mozilla Hispano community turned 5. Five years working together for mozilla in Spanish, five years of learning and growing.

Mozilla Hispano was born in 2007 because we needed a better way to work. Till that moment each Spanish-speaking country was working on their own and there was not real community-driven site in Spanish, so we decided to put all long-time active contributors together and plan during the summer how we should do it.

The first thing we wanted to fix was to have a clear defined document about how to organize people and who should/would be able to take decisions. We needed to reflect our meritocracy roots on some rules to avoid problems in the future, a lot of volunteer/open source communities are a bit chaotic and there are no clear responsibilities defined or power sharing, we weren’t an independent entity, we were part of mozilla and we should work like it. We also decided to focus just on the areas we had contributors interested in, so at the beginning it was just news, support and localization.

Then more people from more countries joined and we got more diversity in new areas like marketing, social media, QA, Labs… currently we have a big group of diverse people working together. Our success wouldn’t be possible without this diversity, a little mozilla inside mozilla.

Some numbers:

So, now what?

Well, we have to keep things moving as we have done during these five years, pushing authority and responsibility more to the edges and growing tidily. Lear more about how we organize the community in these series of articles.

Do you want to congratulate Mozilla Hispano community for its 5th anniversary too?

Record a quick video introducing yourself and saying a few words about what this community means to you. Then, upload the video and send me the link ( nukeador at mozilla-hispano dot org) or post it as a comment on this post.

Happy birthday Mozilla Hispano!

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