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Participation at Mozilla

Investing in communities with a clear focus

Please check my full resume for more details about my work At Mozilla’s Participation Team one of our main goals is to support local communities and unleash contributions that will contribute disproportionately Mozilla’s mission and goals. Last year’s work showed that we increase our impact by focusing our energies on a limited amount of clearly defined areas. Concentrating our effort…

Participation, next steps

Please check my full resume for more details about my work Following up from my previous post, I’m happy to say that during the last quarter we did (and accomplished) an amazing job as Participation team in Mozilla. We were working as a team with a clear long-run mandate for the first time, and I think that was the key…

Bringing participation back to Mozilla

Please check my full resume for more details about my work A few weeks ago, the first coincidental Mozilla Work Week of 2015 took place in Whistler (BC, Canada) and as part of the Participation Team I was working to show the rest of the organization why participation is important and brings a key strategic advantage to Mozilla.

On-boarding rethought

Since the beginning of 2013 we have been trying to grow the community, and definitely we’ve done great improvements with the localized contribute pages. But, size does not mean quality. Nearly 2000 people has contacted us in Spanish filling the contribute form since January, and due this huge volume of inquiries we had to implement a new task centric approach…

Contribute form for everyone!

In the last months a lot of work has been done on the Mozilla.org contribute page to improve its functionality in terms of localization. Localization: Having the content in your language was the first step. (You can ask support for your locales filling a bug under mozilla.org L10n blocking bug 755351) Local email: The information filled in the form was…