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Bringing participation back to Mozilla

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A few weeks ago, the first coincidental Mozilla Work Week of 2015 took place in Whistler (BC, Canada) and as part of the Participation Team I was working to show the rest of the organization why participation is important and brings a key strategic advantage to Mozilla.


Not only we were working on the team priorities for next months but also we worked together with most Mozilla functional teams to help them solve problems around participation. Check out the team blog post about all the activities we accomplished.

But don’t get me wrong, it’s not that Mozilla wasn’t doing participation, but we didn’t have the resources to make it a first class citizen in all functional area activities. And there, is where the new Participation team chimes in to bring this support to the whole organization.


For me Whistler was the start of something important, we sit together with a lot of people and we connected different people with similar needs that never met before, we bridged paid staff and volunteers to work better.

What now?

In the following months we’ll continue working to improve participation at Mozilla: Regional, functional and leadership are the main pillars.

Do you want to know why participation will help your team or do you want to get to the next level? Reach out to us or check out our on-going projects  😉


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