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Participation, next steps

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Participation Team, by Nikos Roussos (cc-by-sa)

Participation Team, by Nikos Roussos (cc-by-sa)

Following up from my previous post, I’m happy to say that during the last quarter we did (and accomplished) an amazing job as Participation team in Mozilla. We were working as a team with a clear long-run mandate for the first time, and I think that was the key to have everyone motivated.

This quarter I’ll be focusing on similar topics, some are follow-ups from previous quarter while others are new and challenging:

  • Continue with volunteer coaching. Keep having 1:1s with key volunteers in different communities and helping them to draw their path as contributors, bringing and getting value from their work.
  • Support German community to move forward with their plans and integrate new efforts we are driving on the ground around November campaign with the existing volunteers.
  • Keep working on Mozilla Reps program and facilitate changes to adapt the program to the current environment as well as design opportunities to contribute with impactful activities.
  • Experiment around tools and processes to improve how communities work and visualize their activities.

This is an exciting moment for participation at Mozilla and I’m sure this will mark a key advantage for the organization in 2016 that will allow Mozilla reach new frontiers.

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