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Joining the Open Mapping Movement

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I’m happy to announce that this week I’ve joined the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team as Community Strategist and Research Lead.

In my new role I’ll be working to support the Humanitarian Open Mapping Movement by building strategies and initiatives based on quality data and research, as well as identifying opportunities to further the Audacious project aims.

We will scale up the support to local mapping communities with the aim of mapping an area home to one billion people, adding places at high risk of natural disaster or experiencing poverty in more than 94 countries worldwide.

We are and will continue supporting mapping the unmapped, with special focus in empowering local, on the ground, mapping. This brings a key resource to NGOs, humanitarian organizations, governments, civil society and other actors to make interventions that will keep improving and saving lives around the world.

I’m especially proud to have the chance to be part of this open mapping movement and help produce open data that will be available publicly in OpenStreetMap, learning from and connecting with existing and new communities, as well as sharing and supporting through my experience with open source communities for more than 16 years now. 

During my first weeks I plan to connect with diverse people inside the Humanitarian Open Mapping movement to learn more and set myself to better support these communities.

Feel free to contact me (ruben.martin at hotosm.org) if you have thoughts or reflections about this space!

Curious about how to get involved with the vibrant Humanitarian Open Mapping movement?

Check how to become a volunteer!

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